Executive MBA in Organizational Development
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Premier African Regional Organization Development Institute

AIOD is an Organization Development (OD) Training Institute providing professional development services in OD. AIOD partners with local and foreign based universities and organizations to provide quality OD training programs across Africa. AIOD is the Premier Regional Institute in Africa to offer Certified Organization Development Consultants Certification program in collaboration with several Universities in the USA. AIOD also support many organizations with various OD interventions.

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The mission of GIMPA Business School (GBS) is to pursue excellence in the provision of high quality management education for a diverse student body through innovative programs, outstanding faculty, superior facilities and efficient internal management systems. We seek to provide a conducive, supportive and intellectually stimulating environment in which people are equipped to address significant challenges in the business world and broader society.

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Executive MBA in OD

Bridging the Organizational Development Services Gap

The GIMPA Business School (GBS) in collaboration with the Africa Institute of Organization Development (AIOD), realizing the need and demand for Organizational Development services and professionals in Africa, has entered into a strategic partnership to offer Executive MBA (EMBA) in Organization Development.

The Two Year MBA in OD is aimed at training Organization Development experts, professionals and consultants who will bridge the organizational development services gaps currently existing in the business environment and corporate society.

Expand your mind. Explore new perspectives. Experience a rigorous, relevant, and research-driven curriculum taught by world-class faculty (developers of OD Standard), and experts from across the globe. Plus, hear from business leaders sharing their real-world successes and failures. The OD Program gives you the power to drive results.


This is a five (5) modules-intensive course over two years. Participants complete a mandatory four modules of face-to-face sessions of three weeks each, interfacing with practical and field work assignments. Participants submit their practical assignments reports for pre-mentoring and feedback assessment by designated mentors, facilitators and supervisors. The reports are presented by the participants for peers and facilitators/mentors assessment and feedback delivery.
Each module shall consist of four weeks, with three weeks intensive session and a one week presentation of assignments and mentoring clinicals.


Program Content

Common Required Courses
1. Intervention Modles and Techniques    2. Organizational Change Theories    3. Job and Organizational Redesign    4. Large System Alteration

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Thank you for your interest in applying to AIOD. To begin the application process, you must first download the application form in pdf. Fill the form (pdf form is editable) and send by email at emba-od@aiodghana.org.

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